With an experience that expands over 3 decades, LA PRO is continuously developing its activities in the sector of vocational and professional clothing as well as home furnishing & professional equipment.

Based on the needs of your business we undertake to recommend, design and manufacture for you in our own facilities the uniforms of your staff with the highest quality of fabrics and other materials.

LA PRO’s dynamic design department and production department are capable of designing and manufacturing an endless variety of vocational and professional clothing for any activity of your business.

In LA PRO we never stop developing and implementing new ideas targeted exclusively to cover the requirements for aesthetics, quality and durability of our products.

Furthermore LA PRO innovates in the field of Wedding and Christening artefacts & supplies, where our rich experience distinguishes LA PRO’ s products for their prestige, reliability, elegance and originality.

We cover a wide range of items and artefacts for supplying Wedding and Christening shops as well as Children stores.

Wedding & christening sweet boxes and any kind of accessories, such as candles, wedding crowns, christening ribbons, clothes, gifts, baskets for candy boxes, packaging for christening occasions compose the wide range of our stylish products.

Our LA PRO Enterprises department undertakes the design and provides the equipment of any corporate event of your business, such as receptions, travel goods, traditional artefacts, as well as similar goods and equipment for Hotels and Yachts.

For every professional space that requires quality solutions in affordable prices, LA PRO offers unique aesthetic and quality solutions.

In LA PRO you will find a vast range of designs for linen, blankets, bed covers, quilts, coverlets, pillows, and decores.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

In LA PRO are dedicated to offer you the top quality solutions both for our products and our services.

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